About Us

We go far beyond merely a compliance service provider

Our clients love our service as we help them navigate a variety of intricacies of doing business in China, so that they can streamline operations, mitigate risks and maximize profits.  

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We understand as a business owner or director

you want to free yourself up from accounting and administration activities and focus on growing your business.

Here is
Your Wish List


Dealing with the complications of China business compliance at lowest possible cost.

Business Financials

Management reporting timely produced and business financials properly visualized.


Staff payroll and welfare accurately processed.


Business data correctly recorded and reconciled.

Business Applications

Well implemented business applications to support sound accounting and internal control structures, as well as streamline operational procedures.

And More…

Getting advice on how to keep operations on track, reduce tax burdens, or mitigate risks etc.

We can be seen as your external CFO who takes care of your compliance, implementation of business solutions, and also keeps an eye on your financials to make sure your business is always on track.

Current status of available service and what we do

We know from our previous experiences that foreign companies in China are carrying excessive cost burdens for compliance whereas they struggle to put well functional business systems in place. Pertinent advice such as how to improve performance, reduce costs and mitigate risks in Chinese business settings is something absolutely scarce.

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Bookkeeping and Compliance

We re-engineered the way bookkeeping service is delivered around the cloud accounting platform. And we migrated performing of most of the operational works of bookkeeping, tax filing, payroll as well as paperwork processing to Chengdu, a lower cost city with abundant supply of professional talents. As a result, we pioneered to make value-added accounting service much more accessible and affordable to international businesses.

SAAS Busines Applications

If you are used to employ light-weighted SAAS business applications to manage and control your business, we can help with replicate your experiences here in China. We work closely with localized SAAS solutions such as Megi cloud accounting software and Jeenie SAAS ERP system. Megi and Jeenie are much more user-friendly and cost-effective management tools versus incumbent ERP systems in China.

Aepoch Advisors’ business systems team are not bean counters; they are IT software consultants who have built their careers upon helping business people with technology.

Our first stage is to understand your business, how you operate, as well as the challenges you face. Then, we propose, integrate and implement the right solution for you, and keep an eye on the ongoing functioning for 3-6 months to make a smooth transition.

Business Advisory

With your books up to date, we provide financial insight to you, the business owner or director, from interpretation of financial results, tax planning, cash flow projection, to budgeting and forecasting etc. We help continually improve performance and recommend best practices throughout your business lifecycle. We empower you, so that you can build a better business.

Here, our special value lies in our localized expertise rooted in Chinese business context. Out of our extensive experiences gained from servicing international businesses in China, we help address common risks and pitfalls faced and help minimize them early on, resulting in money saved for our clients.