Aepoch Advisors

Other Services

We can provide a wide range of services that can fit you needs:

  • Internal Audit and Health Check
  • Tax planning
  • Due diligence and fund raising

Internal audit and health check

  • Internal audit to assess organizational exposures, risks and potential organizational impacts, as well as evaluate controls to manage and reduce risks
  • Health check of different business cycles to identify compliance deviations, internal control weaknesses, reporting deficiencies as well as limitations on software systems.
  • Re-design business process, as well as accounting and controlling system

Taxt planing

  • Identify tax risks, and optimize client’s tax position with tax planning strategies and structuring
  • Help minimize tax impacts on buying or selling business, as well as in the circumstances of capital gains.

Due diligence and fund raising

  • Financial Due diligence
  • Provide financial assistance for fund raising