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Virtual CFO & Business Advisory

Regardless of helping better control and grow your business, or consultancy on best financial practices in Chinese business context, we offer virtual CFO and advisory service at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

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Take Your Business to the Next Level with Our Virtual CFO and Advisory Services

Our experienced professionals have proven track records in financial management, specifically in Chinese business settings. They bring you insights on better local practice to save money, mitigate business risks and maximize your profit, as well as bring you expertise that makes your business more visualized, measurable, secure, stable, profitable and predictable.

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By acting as your external CFO, our professional advisor

  • Directs and monitors your internal administration to carry out the accounting and reporting activities
  • Looks after your financials for detecting costing inefficiencies and proposing cost saving scenarios
  • Creates data collection mechanism and designs KPI and management reporting system
  • Analyzes financial results, KPIs as a driver of the organizations performance
  • Finds innovative and practical performance improvement or profit enhancing solutions, covering operational functions, technology and systems, as well as human resource
  • Prepares cash flow forecasting
  • Prepares budget and carries out actual vs. budget assessment
  • Clears up messy historical books, forming a sound basis for fund raising
  • Assists in valuation of your business
  • Attends regularly meeting with the management to review and interpret financial results, and answer questions

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Contact us today to learn more and say goodbye to the hassle of manual processes.

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