Aepoch Advisors

Cloud Accounting Services

From entry-level bookkeeping services, to working in collaboration to supervise your ongoing accounting operation, to outsourcing your entire accounting function, Aepoch Advisors can always find a suitable solution to make your business financials transparent.

Pure Bookkeeping and Compliance

Megi cloud accounting platform empowers us to perform bookkeeping at much higher accuracy and lower cost.

Bookkeeping and financial statements

  • Statutory financial statements are submitted on the monthly / quarterly basis
  • We constantly monitor your business for optimizing tax efficiency.

We perform bookkeeping work on cloud accounting platform

  • The Robotic features of cloud accounting technology automates most of bookkeeping and tax filing works with the result of better accuracy and reduced cost.
  • Megi book/tax self-assessment and our experienced senior accountant reviews ensure compliance of your book(s)

Compliance & Management Accounting Service

Megi cloud accounting platform enables us to collaborate with you by sharing one set of book anytime and anywhere.

 Accounting software setup

We provide setup, training and ongoing monitoring service of Megi Cloud Accounting Software, so that you are enabled to comfortably perform accounting functions.

We oversee your book(s) from the backend to ensure that

  • Transaction records are accurately coded and reconciled
  • Management reporting is timely produced and conforming to the predefined management imperatives.

We ensure compliance of your book(s)

  • Complete the remaining works for closing your books and tax filing.
  • We put your VAT under control by reconciling fapiao precisely with business transactions.
  • Constantly monitor your business for optimum tax efficiency.

Management reporting

  • Consolidated statements among multiple business entities
  • Customized internal management reporting

Group reporting

  • We can do mapping between China standard Chart of Accounts (COA) and client’s group COA
  • We can prepare the reporting package in group format for client’s consolidation purpose

Accounting Department Outsourcing

It’s like having your very own in-house accountant to organize your books, carry out the daily accounting activities, monitoring your business and identifying opportunities to act on.

Treasure management & bank reconciliation

  • Treasure services including, processing supplier payments and employee reimbursements
  • Monthly bank statement reconciliation with receivables/payables and expenses

Invoicing & Value Added Tax (VAT) fapiao handling

  • Processing commercial invoices, AR tracking and notification for outstanding receivables
  • Handling printing and issuance of output VAT fapiao
  • Chasing collection of input VAT fapiao from purchase, and verification of input VAT fapiao